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CRDA-68 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail CRDA-64 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail CRA-64 Aluminum Rub Rail
CRDA-68 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $222.50
Setup Fee: $275.00
CRDA-64 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $139.45
Setup Fee: $275.00
CRA-64 Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $47.00
CRDA-66 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail CRA-66 Aluminum Rub Rail CRA-68 Aluminum Rub Rail
CRDA-66 Decorative Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $181.50
Setup Fee: $275.00
CRA-66 Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $68.75
CRA-68 Aluminum Rub Rail
8ft Length: $89.50

The Latest from Our Blogs

  • Corner Guards-CG-200
  • The CG-200 is a stainless steel corner guard designed for recessed installation. Formed from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel, The CG-200 recessed corner guard stands up well to heavy impact and strong cleaning agents. It's recessed configuration allows the CG-200 to be installed with minimal design interruption. The CG-200 recessed stainless steel corner guard will provide heavy impact protection from pedestrian traffic, carts, and equipment for all corners subject to abuse. Stainless steel corner protectors are most common in hospitals, laboratories, and other hygienic environments where cleanliness is priority. Stainless steel corner guards such as the CG-200 recessed corner guard can withstand daily doses of harsh chemicals and cleaning agents while still providing high impact protection.Read More ►
  • Corner Guard-CG-50
  • The CG-50 is a corner guard formed from 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel and is installed with adhesive or fasteners.Stainless steel corner guards feature heavy duty corner protection and are available in a variety of radii and angles to protect virtually any outside corner. Stainless steel corner protection is ideal for hospitals, laboratories, and other clean applications. Stainless steel corner guards will resist impact from heavy carts, gurneys, and other moving equipment while maintaining a clean look. Stainless steel corner protectors can be treated with harsh cleaning agents to ensure a hygienic environment. The CG-50 stainless steel corner guard has 3 1/2" wings. Read More ►
  • Wall Systems-WPS-12
  • WPS-12 is a stainless steel wall cover, which offers superior maximum impact protection, with a clean modern design. Stainless steel reduces bacterial growth and allows for the use of harsh cleaners. The 1/2" offset requires no trim, making for easy installation. Also, allows for a smooth contour appearance. The wall protection comes either with or without holes and adhesive, specify requirements when ordering. WPS-12 can be used in many places such as:
  • Hospitals, laboratories, factories, kitchens, cafeterias, hallways, walk-in coolers, food prep areas, schools, pharmaceutical applications, emergency rooms, operating suites, wash down areas, loading docks, back-of-house. For more information please go to www.proteksystem.com or call Federico Chalas at 1.800.598.2153. Read More ►

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Protek Systems, Inc. manufactures and installs a wide variety of wall protection and division 10 specialties. Search our website to find wall protection systems, handrails, wall guards, crash rails, wall bumpers, corner guards, end wall protectors, kick plates, push plates, door frame covers, dock bumpers, marine fenders, equipment and cart bumpers, cubicle curtain track systems, bathrooms accessories, toilet partitions, and parking and traffic safety products. All of our products are available in materials such as rigid vinyl, flexible vinyl, FRP, stainless steel, aluminum, powder coated aluminum, diamond plate tread, heavy duty rubber, brass, wood, and recycled HDPE.